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At West Sussex we welcome all levels of competitor to our Dressage events and work hard to run friendly competitions. We offer classes for the first time competitor, with people there to help guide you through your day, to those wanting to challenge themselves by trying a harder level. As a Club we have some great venues to hold competitions and training days.

We have a full range of Listed Judges booked for our Winter Dressage Series.

Now we are running a series of e dressage competitions where you can video yourself riding a test at home and send it in to be scored by one of our BD listed judges! Why not give it a go! Great starting point for those new to dressage or without transport or anyone just wanting to have feedback on their test riding.

All your Dressage Diagrams are available from DressageDiagrams.Com

BRC tests can be downloaded from the BRC website.

So Sorry Folks!

Boxgrove Dressage has now been cancelled for the rest of the year!

Please watch this space.

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How it works : Simply Video your Test(s), according to our eDressage Rules, and upload the Video as per the instructions you will be given.

Once you have filmed your Test there are two options for sending it to us :

  1. You can put it on YouTube and send us the Link.
  2. You can join a Private Facebook Group called "WSRC Online Dressage" and request to join the Group. You can then Post your Video here. Or a Link to your Video.

Then, after the closing date, your uploaded Test will be Judged by a Qualified BD listed Judge and the results will be posted on line. A copy of your Test will be emailed to you and you will receive your ROSETTES and PRIZES by post or in person! If the numbers are sufficient the classes will be split into restricted (horse and rider combinations never to have been placed at that level at the start of this series) and Open. Please state on your Entry. In the event only One First Prize will be given in each Test according to the Highest Score but ROSETTES will be awarded in both sections.

All Tests will be removed once they have been Judged.

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  • Intro. Class

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  • Prelim. Class

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  • Novice Class

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Competition Details

Please consult our eDressage Rules to find out all you need to know!

  • January

    Closing Date : 31st January 2021.

    Class 1 - Intro A

    • Section a) Horse and Rider combination who have not won a test at any level
    • Section b) Horse & Rider combination who have not won at Prelim. level

    Class 2 - Prelim. 1

    • Section a) Horse & Rider combination who have not won at Prelim. level
    • Section b) Horse & Rider combination who have not won at Novice level

    Class 3 - Novice 24

Plaiting is optional and Smart Dress is encouraged.

To make video clearly visable, please zoom in where possible and be as clear as possible.

Members £10, Non Members £12.

Please transfer payment to : Natwest Bank 60-03-08. Account : West Sussex Riding Club. Account No. : 47225750 with Entrant's Name and Class Entered as reference.

Rosettes to 6th place with prize in kind for Winner of each Class

Please contact : Oona Hickson for more information.

Dates for Dressage

At Boxgrove Competition Stables 2020

  • CANCELLED! Sunday, 5th July 2020.

    CANCELLED! Sunday, 9th August 2020.

    CANCELLED! Sunday, 13th September 2020.

    CANCELLED! Sunday, 25th October 2020.

    CANCELLED! Sunday, 22nd November 2020.

    Please watch this space.

Dressage Results

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