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This page is for the WSRC members to show off their successes and maybe, a few of their less heroic moments.

We look forward to receiving all your best photos for inclusion on the website. Please provide a caption for and some sort of explanation of, each photo submitted.

Those of you who are handy with a camera might just find that regular submissions of your equestrian work could count towards their "assisting with events" obligation. Who knows? (I made the last bit up, by the way.)

This could also be a terrific opportunity to embarrass your friends (in a nice way, of course). After all, who wouldn't want to see a close-up of Romeo depositing Sarah Barnett into a hedge?

It's all up to you. Let us know what you want and if it's interesting, physically possible and not totally illegal, we'll give it a try.

Go on! Show us your Rosettes - you know you want to!

Latest Club Photos!

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